About Revival


Re-skilling is the key to a sustainable future and a local economy. 

Revival Homestead Supply (formerly known as The Haberdashery) is a place where you can find supplies, information, guidance and instruction for a variety of pursuits towards self-sufficiency. We teach classes about and stock supplies for fermentation, food preservation, backyard agriculture, and homemade products for the body & home. We are here to support the rising tides of a post-consumerist culture. We connect and collaborate with farmers, producers, artisans and educators who share our values. We want to inspire you to make instead of buy, and give you with the tools you need to do so.

Take your future, your well-being, your food and your money into your own hands!


Meet the Founders

I'm Melody Figge and I co-founded Revival with my husband, Chris Figge. I teach, blog and generally advise people on the topics of fermentation, canning, sewing, knitting, gardening, raising chickens, and making body products, cleaning products, candles & soap. Obviously, I'm a bit of a hobby collector. I am passionate about making the things I use and living close to the land. I'm even more passionate about sharing my passions with curious people. Whether you're just looking for an interesting project or you're transforming your lifestyle to be simpler, healthier or more sustainable, I want to help you answer all those pesky "how?" questions.

I got my start making the sorts of things most people don't bother with when my mom taught me to sew at age 5. By 17, I was an ambitious seamstress, artist, knitter and cook convinced I could do and make anything I wanted to and focused on a future of making clothing. I began a degree in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. After two years I found myself generally disappointed by the fashion industry and the lack of hands-on sewing & patternmaking I saw in my future there. I transferred to the City College of New York where I studied Art Education (in lieu of any Home Ec. education programs... or jobs). My summers attending, then working as a camp counselor at a radical youth camp for teenagers (Rowe) really got my teacher juices flowing. It made me want to inspire people and show them that a different world is possible. Rowe blew my mind and I wanted to pass along the mind-blowing. By 23, I had added gardener/farmer, fermenter, bookbinder, jewelry maker and blogger to my list of self-definitions. At 25, I met my now-husband, Chris Figge and everything fell into place. He already lived in Northampton, MA (where I had been daydreaming of moving to) in a small house with a big garden that we have transformed into a beautiful little homestead. The other dreams we shared were opening a small business and having a family. Shortly after I moved to Northampton we began brainstorming and planning our business. What we created combined our passions, talents and curiosities into an unlikely business in a burgeoning field.

We raised $10,000 from family, friends & neighbors to build our vision, signed the lease on a fixer-upper in November 2013 on Union Street in Easthampton, MA and opened our doors in March 2014 as The Haberdashery. After two years of incredible growth on a steep learning curve, we re-branded in August 2016 as Revival Homestead Supply.

I'm Chris Figge! You can also find me baking sourdough bread at Hungry Ghost Bread, a wood-fired bakery in Northampton, MA. My other hobbies & passions include carpentry, wood carving, tools, animals, gardening, herbalism, antiques & cooking.








In the Press

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Front page article about our Grand Opening in the Daily Hampshire Gazette on April 11, 2014

What's In Stock



soy & beeswax, wicks, molds, jars, mold release spray, diffuser oil & reeds, project kits & housemade candles

Body Product Ingredients

bulk waxes, butters, oils, clays, oxides, micas, botanicals, essential oils, lye, castile soap, lip balm kits, soapmaking kits, house-made lip balm, soap, hand salve, room spray & dry shampoo.


glass bottles & jars (new and antique), jugs, chapstick tubes, squeeze bottles, vials, lotion pumps, atomizers, dropper bottles, roll-on applicators, deodorant tubes, balm & salve tins, powder sifters, spice jars, mascara tubes, cork closures, printable labels


cultures (kombucha, cheese, yogurt, vegan yogurt, milk kefir, sourdough, gluten-free sourdough, water kefir), raw cane sugar, sea salt, pickling spices, fermenting crocks & weights, dish towels, straining bags, cheesecloth, cheesemaking kits, kombucha brewing kits, pickling kits, swing-top bottles, glass jugs, jars & bottles, champagne yeast, airlock lids & muslin caps for mason jars


kits, seeds & lids


dish towels, thermometers, cheesecloth, recipe cards & boxes, handmade cutting boards, Pomona's pectin, countertop compost pails & filters


heirloom seeds, vegetable & herb starts (May-August), books, plant markers, compost pails & filters, vermiculture worms, garden twine, hand-forged trowels, cultivators & weeders

Beer & Hard Cider Making

kits & ingredients from Brooklyn Brew Shop, bottle cappers & bottlecaps, wire-bail bottles, glass jugs, auto-siphons, hydrometers, champagne yeast, sanitizer, bottle brushes, airlocks & stoppers

Clock Parts

movements, mix & match hands, faces, kits

Lamp Parts

old-fashioned, hand-wound light bulbs, cloth-covered wire, sockets & plugs


greeting cards, hand-drawn herbalism posters, high quality paper & cardstock by the sheet, bookcloth, waxed linen thread, binder's board, needles, tape & glue, house-made notebooks

Fabric Wax & Leathercare

fabric wax & leather salve from Otter Wax

Natural Dyestuff

alum & other mordants, Synthrapol, spectralite, undyed yarns, indigo, cochineal & more, house-made local dyes


pocket knives, whittling knives, spoon carving hooks, sharpening stones, hand-forged scissors


about: gardening, homesteading, raising productive animals, cooking, fermenting, butchery, maple sugaring, beer- wine- & cider-brewing, soapmaking, candlemaking, papermaking, upholstery, sewing, carpentry, herbalism, making body products, making cleaning products, etc.


aprons, zipper pouches, tool rolls, instructional booklets, pocket notebooks, lip balm, soap, hand salve, candles, dry shampoo, room spray


fermenting crocks, ceramic cups, artist calendars, herbalism posters & mini-books, antique bottles & jars


Our list of inventory at Revival is ever-growing!

If you are looking for something particular that you don't see here, please contact us. Knowing what you need helps us buy the inventory you're looking for.