A Guide to Essential Oils

A comprehensive chart noting benefits and uses for over 30 popular essential oils

Making Tinted Lip Balm

How to transform a basic lip balm recipe into a tinted lip balm, or even a bold lipstick!

Coloring Soy Wax with Natural Dyes

Learn how to make colored candles with natural dyes, candlemakers color chips and crayons.

Cooking with Sprouted Grains & Beans

Three of my favorite go-to recipes: Sprouted Hummus, Sprouted Rice & Beans and Sprouted Barley Salad

Bottling Kombucha

Everything you need to know about secondary fermentation.

Making Yogurt

How to make yogurt at home with a direct-set culture.

My All-Time Favorite Easy Dessert Recipe: Fruit Crisp

It'll satisfy the pie-sized hole in your stomach, but it's way easier to make and it's even healthier!

Blueberry Ginger Jam Recipe

Sweetened with sugar OR maple syrup

The Quickest Quick Pickle Recipe

A no-sugar recipe for making crunchy, tangy pickles with any vegetable. A perfect summer regimen.

Anti-Itch Cream Recipe

A simple little recipe to take the itchies away.

Homemade Bug Spray

An effective recipe for homemade bug spray using essential oils.

Pickled Asparagus

A recipe for pickled asparagus, any style! Quick, canned or fermented.

How to Make Soap: A Beginner-Friendly Introduction

Learn how to make cold-process soap. These guidelines will get you through any basic soap recipe, or you can use ours! Includes a 10-bar recipe for soap made with coconut oil & olive oil.

A Guide to Flavoring Kombucha & Water Kefir

A selection of flavored syrup recipes & how to use syrups, juices & infusions when flavoring kombucha and water kefir.

A Recipe for Homegrown Sprouts

Salad sprouts are incredibly simple to make at home, whether you have a green thumb or not. This basic recipe can be used with any sprout seed mix you have!

The Best Homemade Face Scrub Recipe!

This walnut-oatmeal homemade face scrub has just the right balance of cleansing and moisturizing, scrubby and gentle, and it won't spoil before you have the chance to use it all!

Healthy Pancakes Fermented with Kefir

Want to make healthy pancakes? Ferment your pancake batter with kefir or buttermilk for easy-to-digest pancakes that won't feel like a rock in your gut.

A Recipe for Detangler/Leave In Conditioner

A very simple, all-natural spritz-on for tangly, dry and splitting hair.

How to Make Water Kefir

A sweet & bubbly probiotic soda.

An All-Natural Body Cream Recipe

A rich cream made with equal parts water & oil, emulsified with beeswax.

Essential Oil Acne Treatment

Make your own all-natural blemish stick with this essential oil-based recipe.

Herb-Infused Shea Salve

Make your own nourishing hand salve.

How to Make Fire Cider

Fire Cider is an herbal remedy for cold & flu that you can easily make at home.

Beeswax Candles in Jars

How to make container candles using beeswax.

Where to Find Raw Milk and Why You Should

Where to get the good stuff.

Spray Deodorant for Body or Home

A simple, all-natural recipe for spray-on deodorant with two versions: one for body and one for home.

How to Render Lard

Transform a cut of animal fat into pure, white, creamy fat for all your soap making, cooking and general pioneer craft needs.

Kefir Cheese

A soft, tangy cheese that is positively teeming with probiotic life.

A Stick Deodorant to Make at Home

An updated version of our deodorant recipe for when you'd rather not smear cream on your pits.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

A low sugar recipe using Pomona's pectin.

Sprouted Beans

Sprout dry beans to make them healthier & faster cooking.

Dill Pesto

A fresh, springy pesto to eat now or freeze for later.

Making Mineral Sunscreen

Add non-toxic SPF to your favorite lotion or balm.

Making Lotion with Emulsifying Wax

A simple recipe for a creamy, light-weight body lotion

Baby Wipe Solution

A simple & essential DIY for parents using cloth diapers & wipes

Container Candles with Soy Wax

The perfect candle for beginners.

Make a Reed Diffuser

Scent your home naturally, 24/7, fire-free.

Homemade Electrolyte Beverage

Replace commercial sports drinks with this all-natural alternative.

How to Make Dry Shampoo

It really doesn't get any simpler than this.

Raising Chicks

How to care for baby chicks.

Herbs for Pregnancy

Choosing and preparing herbs for a healthy pregnancy.

Plum Jam

A jam recipe for this oft-overlooked summer delight.

My Love Affair with Kefir

8 reasons you should be making kefir at home.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Inexpensive, effective & chemical-free.

Tooth Powder

An all-natural, remineralizing & whitening toothpaste replacement.

Water Kefir Soda

How to make probiotic soda.

Belly Butter

A balm to prevent & heal stretch marks during pregnancy.

Garlic Scape Pesto

A quick and simple way to enjoy and preserve scapes.

Brewing Kombucha

A refreshing & healthful fermented beverage.

Strawberry Jam

Make the most of brief but glorious strawberry season.

Making Milk Kefir

A super food.

How to Clip a Chicken's Wings

A humane method for keeping your most obstinate chickens safely at home.

Homemade Deodorant That Works

Disillusioned by "natural" store-bought deodorants? This recipe is easy to make, contains no funny stuff, and works way better!

Mascara: A Simple Recipe

An all natural, good-for-your-lashes mascara recipe to get your peepers off the petroleum.

Homemade Powder Foundation

Make-up sans junk.

Deeply Nourishing Lip Balm Recipe

Repairing Denim

Patch holes so discreetly no one will ever notice.

Homemade Gin

Infused vodka = gin!

How to Make Butter

By hand or by machine, butter is simple to make at home.